Visitors to the Artis site now grasp exactly what the organisation does – and they get excited about it.

By bringing the "Whiz Bang Pow" of high-energy creativity into the classroom, education providers Artis use performing arts as a means of engaging and inspiring schoolchildren. It's an exciting offer to schools, but it's novel too, so we created a site that matches their energy and creativity with clarity and simplicity. 

What did this actually mean?

It meant designing a sparkling homepage animation to articulate the big idea behind Artis and capture their pizzazz.  

It meant carefully devising an information architecture that gets people to the information they're after, fast.

And finally, it meant incorporating smooth, interesting, well-produced video content that brings to life Artis creative programs so that teachers and heads see and feel the huge difference Artis makes.

In really simple terms, when Artis's target audience visit the site they can instinctively understand the Artis proposition, how it could benefit their school and why they should get in touch.

Partnering with Prosper for the design and development of our website has been a great journey with lots of doing, learning, playing and imagining. The team are flexible, friendly and professional and we are very happy to recommend their services.

Lucia Manzitti

Head of School Partnerships