A tablet application enabling Aviva's risk assessors to do more, faster.

On their weekly visits to potential clients Aviva risk assessors are faced with a traditional process: on site, they fill out a form by hand and then enter details onto the Aviva system when back at their desks. 

The prototype Playbook App we've designed streamlines this process. Aviva risk assessors complete the risk report within the App on site and email themselves a PDF summary for upload onto their office system. 

Ease of use

The design of the App itself makes life easier too: a mix of text entry, buttons and sliders help the assessors to capture information in the fastest, most appropriate way. There's also a photography and captioning function.

The App was initially alpha tested by 10 risk assessors, which was followed by a larger roll out to the UK team.

Future risk assessment

The business aim is for a single device to manage every aspect of risk assessors' form completion, increasing productivity and in the long term, giving Aviva risk assessors a competitive advantage. 

The app was a primary reason behind Aviva collecting the Insurer Innovation of the Year award at the 2012 Insurer Times awards ceremony.

Prosper have helped us deliver an intuitive, well designed and simple to use application. We're excited about taking it into the field and embedding its use into our daily workflow.

Paul Heybourne

Innovation Manager