The technology startup Clarifi Media asked Prosper to be their brand and design partner as they sought to offer their audience an Android and iPhone app for creating value from their personal data.

Each day we generate data as we interact with the digital world — from the places we go and the music we hear, to the TV and films that we watch. Clarifi believe that this data should return value to the people creating it.

Expert UX and UI

Working closely with Clarifi, we crafted a mobile user experience that was both beautiful and easy to use.

The app allows users to visualise their data via a media timeline: the songs, films, TV, books and other media that the user consumes each day can be browsed alongside the places they've been and their social media. Postcards - a grid of images summarising one's media - can be shared with friends and offer the user a handy and nostalgic means of reviewing the media they've consumed from month-to-month. 

Clarifi users can then opt to share their data with brands and services in exchange for discounts.

Beyond the app

The app is showcased on a promotional microsite which acts as an extension of the Clarifi brand – a bright and sophisticated identity which resonates with Clarifi's target audience.

The Clarifi app is currently in development and is scheduled to launch later in 2015. 

Prosper have helped us create a complete life-logging experience, using their knowledge and creativity to create an engaging user experience and design.

David Jacobs

Clarifi Co-founder