An iOS app to help millions of people with long-term conditions better manage their health and get more out of their appointments with clinicians.

When living with a chronic illness it's often difficult to get perspective on one's health and the things that make us feel better or worse. When visiting the doctor it's hard to accurately remember and convey how symptoms have been, yet these accounts are vitally important when a doctor is considering the best course of care.

An app for managing health conditions

Health Mapper allows users to track any health condition (or multiple conditions) and its associated symptoms, medication and measurements.

The app provides a diary for logging your health; a charting tool for spotting patterns and triggers; medication reminders; and a health report feature for showing the doctor how you've been.

Built alongside patients and doctors

Prosper collaborated with GPs and people with a variety of health conditions throughout scoping, design and testing. This allowed us to find out what was really important — from a personal and clinical perspective. 

Quick. Easy. Flexible.

The setup process allows the user to customise the app and track aspects of their condition(s) unique to them. Once these personal tracking preferences are set up, users can score their symptoms, record medication taken, and enter relevant health measurements such as blood pressure, weight and heart rate. Lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet and sleep can also be captured. Over time a highly rich dataset is created that provides a holistic picture of the individual's health. 

Find out more

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Health Mapper empowers patients and significantly improves decision making for clinicians. When patients present detailed health reports we are in a much better position to offer care that is best suited to the individual.

Dr Saul Kaufman