With Young Epilepsy we’ve found a powerful purpose for digital – helping families and carers cope with a condition that can be frightening and isolating.

The Young Epilepsy app provides help where it's most needed, focusing on the three areas in which an app can be of real, practical value.


In common with most medical conditions access to verified, up to date information is vitally important. The "Learn section" of the app gives users quick access to information relevant to both teens and parents.

Day to day Management and practical help

The diary function enables young people and their families to log seizures, recording their severity and the situation in which they occurred. A quick, easy video function means seizures can be recorded for later reference. This helps families identify patterns.

The diary function also allows people to manage appointments, setting up convenient alerts when required.

Sharing information

The app makes sharing data with doctors, teachers and others fast and accurate - profile and emergency first aid data can be logged and shared in moments.

With both iPhone and Android versions now released, we have helped Young Epilepsy deliver a useful and innovative application which harnesses the power of digital.

As well as being a pleasure to work with, Prosper were committed to helping Young Epilepsy produce a useful and well designed mobile tool that will help support young people with epilepsy, their parents and carers.

Emma Sebastian

Young Epilepsy Education Officer