We’ve launched Health Mapper!


We are delighted to announce that after months of wireframing, interviewing users, designing, prototyping and coding, we have now launched Health Mapper — the app for tracking health conditions.


Health Mapper is a self-initiated project that we’ve been keen to build since Prosper’s formation.

The app allows people to track the symptoms, medication and measurements that are important to their health particular health condition(s).

When visiting the doctor, it’s incredibly difficult to accurately remember and communicate how one’s health has been. By tracking their health with Health Mapper, users are able to build and export health reports — perfect for bringing the doctor up to speed quickly so as appointments can focus on future care - not the past.

Users can also compare any of their tracking variables using the Analyse charting tool. This helps people spot patterns and trends between their symptoms, medication intake and lifestyle variables like stress, sleep, diet and exercise.

We’ll be making regular updates to Health Mapper over time as we aim to create the world’s best app for tracking health conditions.

Important links:

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